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Poem (gedicht)

Onderstaand gedicht werd gemaakt door een bezoeker van onze website naar aanleiding van de 29 jarige herdenking van de ramp.

The Tragedy

Two great and beautiful aircrafts
bounded to the same destination
diverted by the terror and the fear
to a very small airport,
where their fate they'd meet.

Decisions were made,
maybe for right, but most for wrong,
one of them started to run
followed by the other
surrounded by the fog of the afternoon

Face to face like two enemies
they were on the runway
waiting for the clearance
that never came,
or maybe it came, but it was misunderstood
suddenly one of them just went along
unbeknownst that the other was there.

When they saw each other
it was already too late
they couldn't avoid the disaster
and the impact was so hard
that both got hurt ,
involved in fire,
like two brothers separated,
their wings were broken
and left a trail of death and sadness.

Now, 30 years later
the wounds are still open
and the memories of the loved ones
surround us like ghosts.

but we'll never forget,
those 583 souls.

May they rest in peace.